About Us

About Us
 "UAB Airinga" company's main activity is the sale of women's outerwear. Unique and stylish models that you can find in our e-shops. Linen dresses, tunics, trousers, jackets, skirts, blouses, veils. .. During the summer, indispensable garment. The most important quality and exclusivity. There is always so tempting to stand out from the crowd. During the cold season of the year, we sell warm wool clothing: knitted dress, sweater, mantle, pants, skirts, warm coats. All this is doing is mohair, wool, knits. We guarantee a unique style of clothing is unique.
No matter what age you are, it is important to evaluate the quality and natural materials. We focus not on age group, because our shop can dress both young and elderly women. We want to outfit both a mother and a daughter.
Exclusive clothes pretentious women. Our goal - to make you feel exceptional.
There is nothing better than in a cold winter wear soft mohair dress that you will warm more than the thickest acrylic sweater. Or in a very hot summer heat, wear Lithuanian linen suit, which will not force you to sweat and feel uncomfortable at work, or in a picnic with friends.
We are a young and ambitious, willing to promote the lovely women you and only you to discover the quality and naturalness. To look interesting and find your style - it is our mission
Our business card - natural materials: wool, mohair, knitwear, Linen ..... everything is natural!
Interesting and unique patterns are born in our minds, are produced together with creative UAB "AiringA" team.